Triumph over virus sure with world support, solidarity: MFA
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Since the epidemic, numerous youngster-initiated campaigns worldwide, appealing for solidarity and non-discrimination of China's virus battle, came into the spotlight on social media, said Geng Shuang, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson at a daily briefing.


(Photo: AP)

We feel warmhearted after watching the videos and really appreciate the efforts world adolescents made to cheer up China against the outbreak, said Geng.

Apart from the activities of "embracing Chinese" in Italy and a Japanese chi-apo girl claiming "The virus is terrible, not China", said Geng, many others also sprung up with popularity.

"We note that British students chanted Chinese song and young Germans shouting inspiring slogans to encourage Chinese virus-fighters," said Geng, commending their justice, courage and love.

In a parallel response, senior UN officials and celebrities from many countries have also asked several times for no stigmatization and overreaction, said Geng. All the moves offer Chinese people the spiritual support in combating the virus.

The virus is cruel, yet we humans are strong enough to conquer it when we stand united. With all parties' understanding, Chinese people are sure to win, added Geng.

(Compiled by Bai Yuanqi)