Walmart to add 500 stores within 7 years
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Walmart China announced on Thursday it would add 500 new stores and cloud warehouses in China in the next 5-7 years, including Wal-Mart shopping malls, Sam's Club, and Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets.

In addition to opening new stores, 200 of its existing stores will be upgraded in the next three years.

Walmart said it will continue to explore retail innovation and business upgrades, optimize products and services to meet the changing needs of customers, enhance the store experience, expand the scale of fresh food, develop its own brands, and continue to strengthen the core proposition of “fresh, money-saving and convenience”.

Newly remodeled stores have a new storefront design, optimized moving lines and displays with more life-oriented consumption scenarios. It improved the shopping experience with seasonal displays, children's playgrounds, fruit and vegetable zones, deli sections and baking areas.

At a remodeled store in Shenzhen, the customer's demand for fresh food has increased, and the size of the fresh food area for fruits, vegetables and seafood has expanded by more than 20%, with more choices.

The upgraded Wal-Mart shopping mall, Neighborhood Market and Sam's Club will bring a more intimate, interactive and intelligent shopping experience.

For example, self-service cash registers with face recognition payments, smart interactive screens, and Sam’s Kitchens will enhance customer engagement and help Wal-Mart better identify customer’s needs.

Customers can also enjoy more online goods through Walmart at Home. 

With the changes in people's lifestyle, Walmart is constantly trying to provide customers with more convenient shopping experiences, and to gather more consumer-friendly brands in the rental area.

Walmart focuses on the three sections of catering, service and retail, with a focus on convenience services and children's services. Wal-Mart also plans promotions and marketing activities, and draws on each other to benefit more customers.

To enhance the o2o shopping experience, Walmart has opened more than 50 cloud warehouses nationwide.

JD said Walmart and Sam's cloud warehouses will all be delivered by DaDa.


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(Compiled by Wang Yixin)