Investing in China means investing in future: foreign ministry
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China will not change its resolve to open wider at a high standard and investing in China is investing in the future, a foreign ministry spokesperson said on Tuesday.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Wang Wenbin was commenting at a routine press briefing in Beijing in response to a proposal to block some US investment into China.

"The US has stretched the concept of national security and has continuously reinforced unreasonable investment reviews, creating difficulties and obstacles to normal economic and trade investment cooperation among enterprises of all countries, including Chinese and US enterprises," Wang said. "This seriously undermines the international economic and trade order and trade rules, and seriously threatens the stability of the global industrial chain and supply chain. China opposes that."

Openness and inclusiveness were the trend of the times while seclusion and conservatism reversed the trend of history, the spokesperson said.

"China is a large market with the most vitality and potential for development," he said. "China will not change its resolve to open wider at a high standard and China will only open its door even wider to the outside world."

"Investing in China is investing in the future."

US politicians' unwarranted limits on normal US-China economic and trade cooperation will not block China's development, but will only make themselves trapped and miss development opportunities, Wang said.

(Produced by Meng Gaohan and Lin Ziwei)