China strengthens border control to prevent imported COVID-19 risk

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(Photo: Xinhua)

BEIJING, April 20 (Xinhua) -- China has strengthened border control measures for the containment of imported novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) risk, an official said Monday.

Liu Haitao, with the National Immigration Administration (NIA), made the remarks at a press conference on China's response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Noting that the NIA has paid close attention to the epidemic situations in neighboring countries, Liu said the administration has established a working scheme to analyze related information and evaluate cross-border transmission risks.

The NIA has improved cooperation with immigration agencies of neighboring countries to advance coordinated border control measures, Liu added.

Stressing the efforts to minimize cross-border travel, Liu said the NIA has also mobilized police to reinforce the fight against criminal activities, including illegal entry and exit, smuggling and drug trafficking, in cooperation with local authorities.

The police also improved management on inbound travelers and foreign residents in China, Liu said, calling for strengthened check and registration of cross-border travelers and vehicles.

Aiming to prevent imported virus transmission from seaports, the NIA continues to track ships on international routes to prevent illegal entry and stowaways, Liu said.

Port and shipping enterprises should guide people boarding international navigation ships to have epidemic prevention measures and reduce unnecessary contact, Liu said.

The NIA also scaled up cooperation with the coast guard, customer authorities and maritime safety administrations to fight against maritime smuggling activities, Liu added.