US criticism of Chinese investments in Colombia prejudiced: FM spokesperson
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China slammed US Secretary of State Pompeo's hostile attacks on China's subway and 5G projects in Colombia at a routine Foreign Ministry' press briefing on Friday, saying Chinese companies' participation in the country's infrastructure projects is fair competition.


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (File photo: CFP)

The remarks were in response to the Pompeo's recent attack on China's investment and projects in Colombia on Wednesday, claiming they are "predatory loans and vanity projects" which threaten the national security and sovereignty of Latin American countries. Washington said Pompeo will visit Suriname, Guyana, Brazil and Colombia from September 17 to 21.

"The remarks made by US officials maliciously attacked and smeared China, reeking of ideological bias. These are groundless allegations aimed at sowing discord between those countries and China, and interfere with the normal cooperation between China and Latin America," said Wang Wenbin, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson.

"China-Colombia relations have maintained sound development, and have expanded pragmatic cooperation. The participation of Chinese companies in Colombia's infrastructure projects is the result of fair competition, and will promote greater synergy of the two countries' comparative strengths for common development, bolstering Colombia's economy and benefiting its people," he added.

(Compiled by Liu Tianzi)