22 college students with TB suspend schooling, receive treatment
China Daily

A total of 22 students have suspended schooling to receive treatment after being diagnosed with tuberculosis at a university in Xuzhou, East China's Jiangsu province, according to the university's official Weibo account.

(Photo via the Weibo account of Jiangsu Normal University)

The students from the Panan Lake campus of Kewen College, which was affiliated with Jiangsu Normal University, were diagnosed with tuberculosis from August 2019 to this month.

Further examinations conducted in September and October revealed that another 43 students showed abnormal chest CT images and had been isolated for more checks, according to Shangyou News, a news portal operated by Chongqing Morning News.

All students have been hospitalized at Xuzhou Infectious Disease Hospital except for four who were taken home by their parents to receive treatment at hospitals in their hometowns.

Xuzhou health authorities said they are investigating how the disease was transmitted and how many students have been infected.

According to the Kewen College website, it has more than 9,900 students at its two campuses.