Shanghai's Puxi enters closed-off management
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At 3:00 am, the lockdown of Puxi began after the three bells of the customs building. (Photos:
At 3:05 am, the Bund of Shanghai was quiet and deserted after the closed-off management of Puxi.
At 3:57 am, Jing’an police set up traffic control warning signs on the main roads.
At 4:29 am, the couriers were preparing for the delivery of vegetables and food at the Meituan food pre-warehouse station of Xikang Road and Xinhui Road, Putuo District.
At 5:00 am, an ambulance delivered a patient who needed immediate treatment to the Central Hospital of Jing’an District.
At 6:30 am, the policemen found a girl on the street and were ready to provide help in Nanjing West Road.
At 7:29 am, residents took nucleic acid tests in an orderly manner at a hotel square across the road. (Compiled by Meng Gaohan)