Wuhan's Leishenshan Hospital shuts down last general ward area
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The Leishenshan (Thunder God Mountain) Hospital in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province shut down its last general ward area on Thursday after medical staff cleaned and disinfected the area.


Medical staff clean and disinfect the general ward area on Thursday. (Photos: People's Daily)

The hospital held a departure ceremony in the afternoon for the last batch of medics who came from elsewhere in China to aid Wuhan.

More than 200 medical workers from Shanghai and Guangdong Province are scheduled to return home on Friday after completing their aid missions.


A medical worker from Shanghai looks at a board with words of gratitude for medical staff on it.

A total of 15 COVID-19 patients are still being treated in the ICU wards of the hospital.

Nearly 400 local medical and management staff will continue to stick to their posts at the hospital.

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(Compiled by Zhang Jian)