Wuhan to open new two hospitals with 2,500 beds next week
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Photo: CGTN

With 1,000 beds, Huoshenshan Hospital will accept patients from February 3. Leishenshan Hospital, with 1,500 beds, will open from February 6, Zhou Xianwang, the Wuhan mayor said at a press briefing on Friday in Wuhan, epicenter of the novel coronavirus epidemic. 

Ma Guoqiang, Party chief of Wuhan, said earlier in an interview that the two emergency hospitals have the ability to treat patients in serious condition, and the operation of the two hospitals can greatly relieve existing treatment pressures.

As of midnight Jan 30, Wuhan has confirmed 2,639 cases, including 103 who have recovered and been discharged from hospital, and 159 deaths.

At present, there are more than 60,000 medical personnel actively fighting the novel coronavirus in Wuhan. A total of 42 medical teams from outside the city are supporting Wuhan, with 4,599 medical personnel.

(Compiled by Han Xiaomeng; with input from China Daily)