Medical teams sent to help Hebei Province in virus fight
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Medical workers from East China's Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province on Thursday left for Hebei to support the northern province's fight against COVID-19.

File photo of Jiangsu medical team (Photo: agencies)

File photo of Zhejiang medical team (Photo: agencies)

The two medical teams, comprising 209 health workers, will aid Hebei's provincial capital Shijiazhaung and the city of Xingtai in mass testing. Jiangsu and Zhejiang have also offered medical supplies to Hebei, such as medical equipment and nuclei acid test kits.

Medical supplies from Jiangsu (Photo: agencies)

Workers were loading medical supplies onto an airpalne. (Photo: Hangzhou Daily)

The move, highly appreciated by Hebei health authorities, came after a recent outbreak in the province, which has seen cases spike and prompted mass testing, school closures and a partial suspension of travel links to the province.

The medical teams were welcomed at the airport. (Photo: agencies)

Hebei reported 33 new locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases and 39 asymptomatic cases on Thursday, the provincial health commission said Friday.

A provincial-wide mass testing is now under way to ward off the potential further spread of the virus.

(Compiled by Lu Dong)