China's agricultural socialization service organizations reach 893,000 last year
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Live streaming about agricultural production management in Shouyang County, North China's Shanxi province on Sunday. (Photo: China Agriculture Film and Television Center)

China's agricultural socialization service organizations, which provide standardized, mass-productive and intensive production management for farmers without transferring land rights, reached 893,000 by the end of last year, the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs said at a symposium on Sunday.

The managed rural land exceeded 1.5 billion mu, among which cropland exceeded 860 million mu last year. The management service covered 60 million farming households, more than 30% of the total in China.

This year, many agricultural management agencies offer "babysitting" services covering the entire production process. In Central China's Hunan and Jiangxi provinces, automatic rice-planting in factories has expanded yield per mu by 15%. In Wanrong County, North China's Shanxi province, weed elimination through chemical methods and pest prevention have diminished the use of pesticides per mu by 20% to 30%.

According to quantitative analysis of 875 cases from 19 provinces, whole-process agricultural management can increase profits per mu by 356.05 yuan for wheat,  and 388.84 yuan for corns.

China has 20.7 million households that contract lands, among which only 5% have transferred rights of land of over 30 mu.

Agricultural socialization service and farmland management can solve the problem of "who to farm and how to farm", reduce costs and enhance efficiency, and lead farmers to modernized agriculture.

(Compiled by Wang Qin)