Reopened colleges in Wuhan welcome students
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A student (left) stands in front of the entrance of Wuhan University with his father, holding his admissions letter. The father, once from a medical team dispatched to assist Hubei Province to fight the virus, met his son in Wuhan after the COVID-19 outbreak. (Photo: People’s Daily, compiled by Shi Yuanhao)
Volunteers help newly-arriving students with their luggage at Wuhan Railway Station. The man in the middle of the photo worked as a volunteer driver during the COVID-19 outbreak, helping to transfer medical staff from home to the hospital. (Photo: People’s Daily)
Students play soccer at Central China Normal University in Wuhan. (Photo: People’s Daily)
Newly-arrived students wait for the school bus at Central China Normal University. Some remove their masks in the open air. (Photo: People’s Daily)