HKSAR gov't says it will bring violent lawbreakers to justice
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The spokesman of the HKSAR government made a statement on Sunday condemning violent protesters for damaging Hong Kong International Airport and Hong Kong Metro Station.

According to the statement, the rioters, in defiance of an injunction order, deliberately obstructed the airport's normal operation and set fires in its surrounding areas, which heavily obstructed transportation and affected passengers. 

The protestors also hurled objects at the rail tracks, hampering railway station safety. Hong Kong metro stations were also damaged, most severly the Tung Chung station. As a result service for some routes was suspended. 


(File photo: CGTN)

Some rioters also group-attacked some residents. A group of protestors pulled down the Chinese national flag near Tung Chung Swimming Pool and burned it.

The HKSAR government strongly denounced these violent and unlawful behaviors. The actions completely ignored the needs of residents and passengers, and even menaced or avenged opponents and innocent people. The rioters moves are brutal and shocking. The Hong Kong police will take resolute measures to bring such violence and unlawful behavior to justice and protect residents' safety and rights.

(Compiled by Bai Yuanqi)