Student passes postgrad entrance exam at cabin hospital
By Meng Gaohan
People's Daily app

A student who took his postgraduate exams inside a cabin hospital has passed thanks to special arrangements and assistance by medical staff at Changchun International Conference and Exhibition Center.

The Jilin University undergraduate, surnamed Sun, told Dr Zhao Yinlong Tuesday morning that he had been admitted to Wuhan University after taking the exam at the No.5 cabin hospital in Changchun International Conference and Exhibition Center.

“The No.5 cabin hospital is not only a hospital, but also a warm family,” Zhao said. “With the joint efforts of medical staff and patients, we believe that the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic is on the verge of victory.”

Photo: CCTV

Medical staff set aside a separate room for the exam and asked technicians to rebuild a special network line to ensure a stable signal.

Members of the hospital medical team also tutored the young man in exam skills and offered psychological counseling.

Photo: CCTV

Sun and his father thanked medical staff. Both of them have checked out of the hospital.

(Compiled by Meng Gaohan)