China criticizes G7's double-talk on decoupling
China Daily

China has called on the Group of Seven not to abuse trade and investment restrictions and deliver on their commitments to not decouple from China, the Ministry of Commerce said on Thursday.

A passerby walks in front of the logo of the G7 finance leaders' meeting in Niigata, Japan, on May 10. (Photo: AP)

Shu Jueting, a spokeswoman for the ministry, said at a news conference China has played a responsible role to inject certainty into a world of turmoil and transformation, and provided new growth drivers to the global economy.

China brings cooperation and opportunity to the world, not confrontation and risk, she said, adding any acts to push forward "de-sinicization" in the name of reducing risks push aside cooperation and opportunity.

As an important force in stabilizing global industrial and supply chains, China will continue to be a trusted and mutually beneficial trade partner for all countries, expand its high-level opening-up and benefit the world with its high-quality development, she said.

Joint efforts should be made to reject unilateralism, protectionism, bullying, economic coercion, acts of decoupling and severing supply chains to keep global industrial and supply chains stable and promote the recovery and development of the world economy, she said.

China firmly opposes Japan's export controls on 23 types of chip-making equipment, Shu said, calling it an abuse of export control measures which goes against free trade and international rules.

Such misconduct will seriously damage the interests of enterprises in China and Japan, sabotage economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and impair a secure global semiconductor industrial and supply chain, she said.

The Japanese side should follow international rules and maintain sound economic and trade cooperation by correcting its actions without delay, she said.

China will reserve the right to take all necessary measures to resolutely safeguard its rights and interests, Shu said.