China's 3-year COVID-19 fight creates conditions for reopening

Vendors cook local snacks at a fair in Chongqing, China, December 14, 2022. (Photo: CFP)

The stringent COVID-19 containment measures of the past three years allowed China to evade coronavirus variants including Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta, which are more deadly than Omicron, according to an article published by a WeChat account affiliated with the China Media Group.

The country carried out scientific policies for nearly three years to swiftly stamp out emerging outbreaks, identify infection sources in a timely manner, control the spread, and ensure effective treatment of patients to reduce severe cases and deaths.

During the three years, China made substantial progress in developing vaccines and traditional Chinese medicines which can greatly reduce the severity of infections. In the meantime, the country maintained an extremely low number of infections while Omicron widely spread around the world.

The country also pushed vaccination for three years before easing its COVID-19 curbs in November. So far, over 90 percent of people in China are fully vaccinated.

Thanks to the stringent measures, the country managed to have zero infections for 250 days in the past three years while there were seven infections in the world every second.

Three years of efforts against the virus helped China create momentum for economic growth. The trading companies have already started seeking new business leads since July.

In over a month since the country's optimization of COVID-19 measures, 100 companies have headed to countries including Japan, Germany, France, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates via government-led events for potential business opportunities.