Overseas Chinese rally against Hong Kong secessionists and violence
Global Times


Photo: Zhao Siru/People's Daily

Overseas Chinese held peaceful and patriotic rallies around the globe including London, Paris, Sydney, Cologne and Vancouver, to oppose violence and separatists in Hong Kong during the weekend, after a group of separatists organized protests in multiple major Western cities. 

As part of the wave of anti-violence and separation rallies around the globe recently, overseas Chinese in Vancouver condemned Hong Kong separatists' behavior of spreading false information and misleading rumors to foreign residents who were not clear about what is going on in Hong Kong. 

Participants wave Chinese national flags and sang the Chinese national anthem during the rally near the Broadway-City Hall SkyTrain Station, according to a video provided by a Vancouver-based Chinese surnamed Fu on Sunday.

Some of the overseas Chinese shout "traitor" and "remove your mask" at the Hong Kong secessionists. 


More than 100 overseas Chinese social organizations and communities rally peacefully in Trafalgar Square, London on Sunday morning. They protested against violence in Hong Kong, singing the Chinese national anthem and chanted "One nation, one China!" and"We love Hong Kong! We love China!" (Photo: Global Times)

At the rally, patriots and HK separatists were separated by local police on both sides of a street in Vancouver. The voices from the majority of Chinese patriots overwhelmed the small group of Hong Kong secessionists, Fu noted.

Organized by overseas Chinese and after obtaining permission from the city of Vancouver, the rally had a slogan "love China and love Hong Kong; anti-secession and anti-violence," noted Fu.

"Although we were demonstrating against the Hong Kong separatists and rioters, our rally remained rational and peaceful. We don't want to cause any disorder and violence," Fu said. 

Chinese people have launched several rallies to support the Hong Kong SAR and the Chinese central government recently in Hong Kong and other cities around the world. 

About 476,000 Hong Kong residents gathered at Tamar Parkin in the rain on Saturday, calling for a peaceful and stable Hong Kong, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

On the same day, lots of patriotic Chinese people in Saint-Michel, France. On Saturday and Sunday, Trafalgar Square in London also had similar rallies, with overseas Chinese people singing the Chinese national anthem and chanting "Hong Kong is part of China!" "Long live Hong Kong, long live the motherland," after being confronted by a group of anti-government protesters. 

Overseas Chinese living in Germany and cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane in Australia also expressed their anti-violence and anti-secession stance recently, reports said.

"I joined the peaceful demonstration near Australia's State Library of Victoria on Friday night and I feel really proud. It was raining but still more than 1,000 Chinese joined the demonstration," Wang He, a Melbourne-based Chinese overseas student, told the Global Times on Sunday.

"It's impossible to receive what they call 'freedom' without a stable society and a strong motherland," he noted.