China strives for quality, efficiency in economic growth: Premier Li

Photo: Xinhua

BEIJING, March 22 (Xinhua) -- Premier Li Keqiang said Monday that China strives for higher quality and efficiency in stable economic growth, which requires sufficient employment, continued growth in income, and environmental improvements.

Li met representatives of overseas attendees to the China Development Forum 2021 via video link in Beijing. When answering a question about China's growth rate and quality, Li said setting the 2021 growth target of over 6 percent is for consolidating the foundation for economic recovery and growth. It also aligns with what the country can accomplish next year and the year after.

The growth target is not low, and China may achieve even faster growth in its delivery, he said, adding that China focuses more on guiding expectations.

"While maintaining stable economic growth, China must strive to improve quality and efficiency. It requires relatively sufficient employment, continued growth in income, and sustained improvement of the ecological environment to optimize the economic structure and improve labor productivity," the premier said.

He said China still faces mounting pressures in boosting employment this year, as about 14 million urban people will enter the labor market, while the country aims to create no less than 11 million new urban jobs.

"We need to seek a balance between growth, income, and employment, and we cannot pursue economic growth based on high energy consumption and heavy pollution," Li said.

He added efforts should be made to increase the activity and efficiency of market players, continue to promote urbanization, unleash massive domestic demand potential, and enhance the role of consumption in stimulating the economy.