Yangzhou woman donates special ambulance to hometown hospital
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(Photo: WeChat account of Jiangsu News)

The gift arrived Monday at the southern entrance of the Northern Jiangsu People's Hospital in the East China city of Yangzhou.

“Yangzhou is in a hard battle against this outbreak,” said donor Wu Wengting, who bought the ambulance with support from her father and cousin Wu Zhenyang, a co-worker at the Yangzhou Provident Fund Center.

“I think the point is what you can do now to fight the virus. If you donate an ambulance, it will be put into use immediately.”

Wu Wengting made the big decision to donate a specialist ambulance during isolation against COVID-19. She was under quarantine after a colleague tested positive for COVID-19 during a cluster of new infections in her hometown, prompting tightened pandemic prevention and control.

(Photo: WeChat account of Jiangsu News)

Wu Wengting said she was touched to read about the efforts of frontline health workers and grew increasingly concerned about their safety working around the clock on citywide coronavirus testing.

Wu planned on buying a regular ambulance first, but changed her mind after learning that a negative pressure ambulance -- where the air pressure inside the car is lower than the outside atmospheric pressure -- provided better protection and minimized cross-infections during treatment and transportation of infectious diseases.

“Hopefully this outbreak will be under control as soon as possible and the people of Yangzhou can resume their normal lives,” Wu Wengting said.

(Compiled by Shi Ji)