Passers-by rush to lift up bus off accident victim
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Dozens of people raced and gathered to save a young man stuck under a bus after a crash in Haizhu district, Guangzhou on Thursday.

After the bus was involved in a collision with a scooter, the rider was drawn under the wheel of the bus.
Nearby pedestrians waiting for buses and takeout staff ran to the bus and helped lift it off the victim. Firefighters arrived with a jack and the rider was freed and rushed to hospital for treatment in the capital city of South China's Guangdong Province.


(Video produced by Li Peitian and Dong Feng)

An electric bus weighs at least 10 tons. No life-threatening injuries were reported.
"There were many enthusiastic people," a passer-by said. "Everyone helped each other, sharing the same goal, to save the man as soon as possible."
Guangzhou traffic police issued a statement on its official Sina Weibo social media account on Thursday night: "Respect goes to passers-by who offered your helping hands that won precious time for the victim," it said.
(Compiled by Chen Rui, edited by Dong Feng)