New US report another collection of anti-China lies: Spokesperson
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Chinese spokesperson Zhao Lijian called a newly released US report by another collection of anti-China lies in a press conference on Thursday.

File photo: CGTN

The US State Department Office of Policy Planning released an over 70-page study Tuesday which identifies 10 tasks the US needs to accomplish to address China's challenge. 

The document fully exposed the deep-rooted Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice of some people in the US as well as their fear, anxiety, and unhealthy mentality towards China's growing strength, Zhao said.

Zhao stated that the document was concocted by "living fossils of the Cold War" from the US Department of State, and their attempt to revive the sinister plot of the Cold War is bound to be spurned by the Chinese people and peace-loving people of the world. It is doomed to fail and will only be swept to the dustbin of history.

(Compiled by Peng Temin)