Boao Forum for Asia publishes research report on global impact of COVID-19
By Wang Hui
People's Daily

Beijing (People’s Daily) - The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) on Tuesday released a report online concluding out that only through multilateralism and enhanced international cooperation can the world be ready for global challenges like the pandemic.


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Secretary-General of BFA Li Baodong said the report, entitled “The Pandemic and the Changing World,” reviewed the current situation of the pandemic and the response efforts of various countries, and offered 10 observations and reflections on how the pandemic will change the world.

While different regions of the world are still at distinctive stages of pandemic-control, Asia countries excelled at the comprehensive test posed by the coronavirus, with China performing best among all.

China, Japan and Korea encouraged and supported each other, setting a good example of crisis collaboration for other parts of the world, the report said.

Li, in his remarks, emphasized that the pandemic sent to the world a sobering reminder - human beings live in the same global village. No country is immune from a global challenge.

The Boao Forum will continue to follow the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it brings to the world, and continue to play an active role in building international consensus and promoting international cooperation, Li added.