China will surely win anti-COVID war in Shanghai, with time-tested epidemic control policy: top leadership

Xi Jinping (File photo)

BEIJING, May 5 (Xinhua) -- China will surely win the war against COVID-19 with its scientific and effective epidemic control policy that will stand the test of time, according to a meeting of the top leadership on Thursday.

The meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee was chaired by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee.

The meeting analyzed the current epidemic prevention and control situation, studied priorities and made arrangements for relevant work.

The meeting said China has since March withstood the most challenging COVID-19 control test since the anti-epidemic battle of Wuhan, and has secured progress with nationwide concerted efforts.

As the pandemic is still raging across the world and the coronavirus keeps mutating, there is a great deal of uncertainty concerning how the pandemic will develop, according to the meeting, which warned against any slackening in the control efforts.

"Relaxation will undoubtedly lead to massive numbers of infections, critical cases and deaths, seriously impacting economic and social development and people's lives and health," the meeting said.

The meeting stressed the importance of unswervingly adhering to the dynamic zero-COVID policy and resolutely fighting any attempts to distort, question or dismiss China's anti-COVID policy.

COVID-19 control is at a crucial stage, the meeting said, calling on Party committees and governments at all levels to remain confident and promote the spirit of struggle to build a strong defense against the pandemic.

The meeting stressed the need to accelerate the pace of control work to deal with sporadic outbreaks, and the importance of strengthening capacity building, improving response measures in a timely manner, and accelerating research on virus mutation and the prevention of mutation.

The meeting also highlighted measures to ensure people's livelihoods and everyday supplies, meet the people's needs for medical services, and release information on a regular basis to address public concerns.

Party committees, governments and the whole society must guard against a lack of vigilance, fully mobilize the people, and take fast action to implement various COVID-19 control measures and policies in a concrete and meticulous manner.

The meeting also called for strengthened confidence and unity among officials and the people in fighting COVID-19.