China launches campaign against gun, explosives crimes

BEIJING, June 11 (Xinhua) -- China's Ministry of Public Security has launched a special campaign to crack down on crimes related to guns and explosives.

Headquarters of China's Ministry of Public Security. (File photo: CFP)

The ministry urged maintaining high pressure on gun and explosive-related crimes. It also called for strengthened efforts to root out criminal gangs, severely punish those involved in related cases, and in the meantime, uncover trafficking networks, trace the source and whereabouts, and wipe out dens used for production and sales.

The special campaign aims to resolutely remove the hidden danger caused by guns and explosives that jeopardize public security, and eliminate the breeding grounds for gun and explosive-related crimes, the ministry said.

It added that further efforts will be made to cut off the buying and delivery channels of illegal guns and explosives by investigating and addressing related cases in the logistics industry. It will also focus on intensive publicity and education about related laws and step up the search and seizure at the border area.