Shanghai imposes strict controls on CIIE cold-chain food exhibits

To strengthen the epidemic prevention and control of cold-chain food exhibits at the upcoming China International Import Expo (CIIE), authorities in Shanghai have taken stringent measures to ensure the safety of cold-chain food, imposing strict controls on warehousing, inspection, delivery and display.

A worker carries out disinfection at a warehouse storing the imported cold-chain food, October 29, 2020. /CFP

According to the city's administration for market regulation, the cold-chain food exhibits will be put in storage in batches and transferred together for exhibition by a supply-chain company in the Pudong New Area.

Workers inspect goods to be exhibited at the CIIE at a warehouse, October 29, 2020. /CFP

There would be warehouse inspections, disinfection of cold-chain food and transport vehicles and personnel, as well as COVID-19 tests for cold-chain food practitioners and the warehouse environment, said Wu Renhua, an official from the administration.

A worker moves goods to be exhibited at a warehouse. /CFP

The administration will also carry out closed-loop supervision in the warehouse process and point-to-point transportation of the exhibits to ensure food safety, Wu added.

Free tasting of imported cold-chain food such as salmon and tuna will also be prohibited during the expo, and catering businesses and hotels serving the CIIE are recommended to use domestic cold-chain food, said Zhang Zhunmin, a counselor at the administration.

A worker conducts tests on the package of cold-chain food at a warehouse. /CFP

Strict sample tests on cold-chain food and nucleic acid tests on packages and relevant equipment will also be conducted to ensure food safety, added Zhang.

Cold-chain food to be exhibited at CIIE will be transported together by vehicles to the venue. /CFP

As of 9:30 a.m. Thursday, about 100 cubic meters of cold-chain food exhibits from 68 CIIE exhibitors had been put into a specialized warehouse. They are mainly frozen meat and seafood, as well as bread, chocolate and ice cream.

(With input from agencies)