Cherry blossoms at their prime in Jiangxi
By Shi Jiamin
People's Daily app
The blooming of 30,000 cherry blossoms at Fenghuanggou Scenic Area in Nanchang County of east China's Jiangxi Province has attracted crowds of tourists to enjoy the beautiful spring scenery. (Photos: Peoples's Daily/Shi Jiamin; compiled by Liao Yuecen)
The Cherry Blossom Valley in the Fenghuanggou Scenic Area is rated as China's Beautiful Pastoral by the Ministry of Agriculture. The variety and scale of cherry blossoms, the diversity of their colors, and the beauty of the cherry blossom tunnel are renowned throughout China.
Through continuous renovation and upgrading, the cherry blossom valley covers nearly 2,000 acres, and there are close to 30,000 cherry blossoms with rich varieties of species and colors.
For 10 years, Fenghuanggou has made great efforts to upgrade and reform the Cherry Blossom Valley, aiming to create a characteristic cherry blossom valley with the largest scale, the most varieties, and the first-class landscape.
Tens of thousands of cherry blossoms have been planted on the tea garden at Fenghuanggou Scenic Area.
The blooming period is uninterrupted from February to April, realizing the unique landscape of viewing both seas of tea from the distance and seas of flowers up close.