Shanghai Data Exchange kicks off trading, with 100 traders making deals
Global Times

Photo: Xinhua

The opening ceremony of Shanghai Data Exchange was held in Shanghai on Thursday with about 100 data traders signing the first transaction deals, including Shanghai Electric Power Company and China Eastern Airlines. The exchange will contribute to data circulation and digital transformation of the city.

The data exchange has set up the country's first data trading system, covering data trading subjects and providing services including data compliance consulting, quality assessment and asset evaluation services, with the supporting system to guarantee the whole process of data trading.

The exchange also issued the country's first all-digital data trading system to ensure the listing of data trading, as well as launching the first data product registration vouchers and manuals.

Experts said that setting up Shanghai Data Exchange is an important move in accelerating circulation of data elements, release digital dividends as well as promoting the development of the digital economy, which will provide a "Shanghai model" for the national data market.

During its first day online, the Shanghai Data Exchange completed 20 listings involving eight fields such as finance, transportation and communication, with about 100 data traders signing the first transactions.

Fudata Technology Company, one of the first group of contracted data trader, told the Global Times on Thursday that the company, as a data vendor of privacy computing, will help data resources carry out desensitization governance and data monetization, as well as providing a technology and operation platform to protect data privacy.