China to ensure daily necessities supplies amid anti-epidemic battle

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(Photo: Xinhua)

BEIJING, Feb. 11 (Xinhua) -- The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) released a circular to arrange for the steady supply of daily necessities in key cities to win the battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Noting that more and more people are returning to the city after the Spring Festival holiday, seeing a demand for daily necessities spiking in key cities, the circular called on local authorities to increase reserves and secure the logistics.

Supply of daily necessities including rice, flour, cooking oil, meat, eggs, dairy products, vegetables and instant food should be guaranteed, the MOC said.

The circular also stressed efforts to monitor the dynamics of market supply and demand, as well as safeguard the market order.

In this regard, the ministry called on provincial commerce departments to respond to emergencies such as panic buying and stock-out immediately when they happen, said the circular.