Beijing tightens COVID-19 requirements on passengers from medium, high-risk areas
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File photo: Xinhua

Beijing plans to strengthen its passenger traffic entry controls on people returning from medium- and high-risk areas, according to local officials.

The Beijing Railway Administration will run a thorough check on every passenger’s temperature as well as their health status on the Beijing Health Kit. Travelers who have "non-green codes" will be denied access to the city, said Xu Hejian, deputy minister of the Publicity Department of the Beijing Municipal Committee, at a media conference on Sunday.

According to Beijing's current COVID-19 prevention and control measures, people from medium- and high-risk areas are not allowed to enter Beijing unless the whole region has been reclassified as a low-risk area. Passenger from neighboring cities or counties of medium and high-risk areas should also refrain from taking unnecessary trips to Beijing. If the situation is unavoidable, the passengers should provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours before boarding and receive a 14-day health monitor after their arrival. Additional nucleic acid tests are also required on the day of their arrival and after staying for seven days.

Before boarding and when entering Beijing, every passenger should also provide their health status on the Beijing Health Kit. For those who have not downloaded the app, staff will assist them in downloading the app and check their status on site. At the same time, authorities urged passengers on board to be coronavirus cautious throughout the journey: always remember to wear a mask, stay seated in their own seat, and sanitize as often as possible.

(Compiled by Song Kexin)