Village presents a cliff-hanger for netizens
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A village in China perched up a 800-meter-high cliff has not been devoid of the gifts of modernity - online shopping and fourth generation mobile network. Though villagers use steel ladders to climb out when they have to exit the hamlet in Zhaojue county, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture of Southwest China’s Sichuan Province, the November 11 shopping extravaganza didn’t spare them.


(Photos: VCG)

Ask Yang Yang who climbed out on November 16 to go to the county where a slew of parcels awaited him after he went on a shopping spree on Singles’ Day or Double11. An invisible information highway connects Atuleer village with the world. The altitude of the cliff village from the mean sea level is 1,400 meters.


Online shopping has become a way of life for young villagers. At the same time learnt to sell agricultural products online to the world outside the mountainous village.

The 24-year-old Yang is the first villager to have access to the Internet. Through a live broadcast, he has become an online celebrity, introducing his village to netizens across the country and promoting agricultural products of the "cliff village" in his livestream.


Yang sold more than 50 kilograms of honey and pepper during this year’s Double 11. "I bought two pairs of new shoes for my two children, a chainsaw for my father and a water heater for our family," he said.

(Compiled by Zhang Jian)