China Zun: the New Landmark Building of Beijing

In October 2018, a 528-meter high skyscraper built in an area that requires an 8.0-intensity seismic fortification erected in the core area of Beijing’s central business district (CBD), the first of its kind in the world. The building has a very oriental name: China Zun.

屏幕快照 2019-03-08 上午10.40.19.png

So, what is Zun? To answer this question, we must go back to the long history of Chinese culture. Originally an etiquette vessel, Zun was the symbol of enormous courtesy. As a Chinese saying goes, one should raise the Zun above his or her head with both hands and pay their respects as sincerely as possible. The famous Four-goat Square Zun of the Shang Dynasty has elegant decorations and amazing curving styles. Inspired by the beauty of Zun in its design, China Zun distinguishes itself from the typically straight form of supertall towers in Beijing. Standing among the skyscrapers concentrating in Beijing’s CBD, China Zun exhibits distinctive and stately oriental features and an impressively solemn style.

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With a height of 528 meters, China Zun has seven levels of basement and a mega tower of 108-storeys. Its diamond-shaped design was inspired by the bamboo-ware, one of the traditional vessels in China. The Chinese are fond of bamboo. In their eyes, bamboo, like a nobleman, is decent but not flamboyant. As an old Chinese saying goes, a residence is unlivable without the bamboo. The space design at the top of the tower brings to mind arising Kongming lantern.

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With a profile of subtle beauty that is full of allegories, China Zun applied some state-of-the-art technologies, many of which were put into use the first time in the world. This list here includes the Intelligent Jumping Steel Platform, Integration of Temporary and Permanent Firefighting Systems, and the overall implementation of the BIM technology. The designers of China Zun paid much attention to such important details like a well-functioning firefighting system, the capability to withstand earthquakes, and low-carbon and environment-friendly designs. By taking into account the height, structure, and azimuth orientation of the building, the designers established an integrated energy system and put in place a central heating and cooling system. They can save 20%-40% energy consumption thanks to the full exploitation of the sunshine in the winter season and the natural wind in the summer. Meanwhile, China Zun is the first in the world to use jump lifts with a service height over 500 meters.

The top floor of China Zun offers a panoramic view of Beijing. Here one can indulge in breathtaking scenery and take their ease. As a Chinese poem says, I dare not speak aloud here lest it disturb those in heaven.