Baduanjin exercise a hit among young people in China

This photo shows an illustrated explanation of ba duan jin, an easy-to-learn qigong exercise suitable for the office, the home and even the ward. (Photo:

Baduanjin, a kind of exercise regarded as an exclusive sport among the aged, has gained popularity among the young people in China.

More than 1,000 videos about Baduanjin can be found on Bilibili, a video platform in China. A video released by the General Administration of Sport of China to teach the public to do the exercise has gained about 10 million views and about 6,000 comments. Most of were from college students and the young people who attach great importance to health care.

"After I recovered from COVID-19, I gave up aerobics and began to practice Baduanjin," a netizen commented.

The exercise also becomes part of PE class at a college. "Our school asked us to do this exercise and sent a video to our PE teacher," said a comment.

Some people even livestream in the morning and share their skills. Film stars and fitness bloggers also do this exercise, which has attracted a large number of followers.

Originating from the Song Dynasty (420-479), Baduajin has a history of more than 800 years. It consists of eight movements, using limbs to stimulate meridians inside the body.

Compared with Tai Chi and Wuqinxi (a kind of traditional Chinese exercise Qigong that imitates the movements of a bear, tiger, monkey, deer and birds), Baduanjin is more suitable for beginners with its simple and gentle movements. It doesn’t require much space.

It was mentioned in the intervention guidelines for COVID-19 cases at home by Traditional Chinese Medicine to help recovery. Combining physical and mental health, Baduanjincan enhance immunity and help people relax. It is also a very low-cost social activity for the young people in China.