Beijing Dance Academy set to launch nationwide tour
By Li Yingxue
China Daily

Dancer Hua Xiaoyi (Photos provided to China Daily)

Beijing Dance Academy's Youth Dance Company launched its 2021 national tour themed dance in Beijing on May 7.

The tour, which will start in the latter half of the year, will visit a dozen cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, with over 30 dance performances. It is co-launched by Beijing Dance Academy and Beijing Sihaiyijia Culture Communication Co.

Dancer Wang Yabin

Guo Lei, president of Beijing Dance Academy, said the Youth Dance Company includes the top graduates of the academy, and most of them have won gold prize in dance competitions.

"Through the cooperation with Sihaiyijia, we hope to develop dance and dance talents'potential and cultivate more dance artists," Guo said.

According to Ren Dongsheng, deputy of Youth Dance Company, the team was preparing for the tour, and the shows will be selected from 20 of Beijing Dance Academy's classic works as well as include a new set of dance performances.

Dancers He Linqian and Zhu Wenyu