China Cultural Center in Moscow explores Eastern aesthetics
China Daily


A collection of Chinese  tuanshan, or round fans, form part of the exhibition, Feb 27, 2019. [Photo: China Daily]

An exhibition exploring historic eastern aesthetics opened at the China Cultural Center in Moscow on Feb 27.

The center partnered with the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism to showcase the ancient Chinese traditions that have been passed on to today's China, from century to century.

The exhibition includes qin (string musical instruments), qi (a strategic board game), shu (calligraphy) and hua (paintings), as well as tea-making and flower-arrangement demonstrations.

Gong Jiajia, cultural counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Russia and director of the China Cultural Center, said, "Aesthetics is an important part of culture."

She said ancient China's nobility and intellectual classes created a refined and elegant lifestyle, which is still respected by Chinese people today. The exhibition highlights this lifestyle, and offers Russian people a better understanding of classical Chinese aesthetics.

Gong said she that she hopes that every visitor can maintain an inner peace and harmony similar to the ancient Chinese intellectuals, and discover the joy of every moment in life.

The exhibition runs through March 18.