CGTN and Argentina media premiere co-produce documentary to mark 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties

A poster for the documentary. /CGTN

China and Argentina celebrated the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries on Saturday. As one of the projects of the Year of China-Argentina Friendship and Cooperation in 2022, the media outlets of both countries will premiere the humanistic documentary "Near and Far", jointly produced by CGTN of China Media Group (CMG) and Integra Cultural Industries of Argentina.

The documentary connects history and space, recounts the exchanges and interactions between China and Argentina in various fields, such as science and technology, economy and trade, and culture, interprets the spirit of "a community of a shared future for mankind" in the relationship between the two countries, and restores the panoramic journey of the two countries over the past 50 years.

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, Argentine Minister of Foreign Affairs, Santiago Cafiero, Argentine Ambassador to China Sabino Vaca Narvaja, Chinese Ambassador to Argentina Zou Xiaoli, CMG commentator Bai Yansong and former Argentine footballer Pocho Lavezzi will share their stories in the film, recounting emotional resonance between China and Argentina going back 50 years.

Over the last 50 years, the two countries, with great cultural differences, have worked together in solidarity and development, achieving amazing success in many fields. Talking about the relationship between Argentina and China, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez said that the two countries are moving steadily forward and have made many achievements. Fernandez explained that relations between the two countries can influence each other as they move forward, and their cultures can intermingle as they develop.

Argentina is a timeless legend in the world of football. From Diego Maradona to Lionel Messi, the household names in China have made many Chinese people fall in love with football. China is perhaps the country with the largest number of Argentine fans outside Argentina. Bai Yansong, a CMG commentator and fan of the Argetine team, said that Argentina has become a very important part of his life due to football.

Argentine star Pocho Lavezzi said he discovered many new things when he arrived in China. If he had not played football in China, he would not have known these places in his life. There is no doubt that he will return to China, a country that has left him with great memories.

There seems to be a powerful link between these two distant lands, always attracting each other. At a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading around the world, China and Argentina have cooperated and shown mutual trust and solidarity in the exchange of experience in combating the pandemic and vaccine cooperation, writing one of the most touching chapters in the history of China-Argentina relations.

The documentary also unfolds Sino-Argentine trade and economic interactions, cultural charms and the lives and stories of the two peoples, as the two countries strengthen their friendship.