Love is the best medicine
By Zhang Lei
Tu Minxuan, one of Cheng Dongdong's classmates, picks him up, and helps to get him into the electric car outside the classroom.[Photo/Xinhua]
Cheng and his mother have lunch in the school dormitory.[Photo/Xinhua]
The atmosphere of study congregates with Cheng Dongdong and his classmates dedicating all their attention to morning reading.[Photo/Xinhua]
Cheng plays table tennis with his elementary school classmates in 2012 in the above picture, and at Guangde High School in 2020, Cheng and his classmates have fun on the playground.[Photo/Xinhua]
Before and after photos of Cheng Dongdong in the company of his support group from his elementary and high schools taken in 2012 and 2020.[Photo/Xinhua]
Classmates help Cheng with his lessons in 2012 and 2020.[Photo/Xinhua]