Brands sever ties with Taiwan TV hostess over controversial Instagram message
Global Times

Dee Hsu (Photo: Sina Weibo)

Several Chinese and foreign brands on Monday distanced themselves from Taiwan TV hostess Dee Hsu and her daughter, after she described Olympics athletes representing the team from Chinese Taipei as "nation's champions" in an Instagram message.

The message was later deleted by Hsu, but such a description that's widely considered to be of "Taiwan independence" nature still earned the ire of not only web users but multiple brands that had formed business partnerships with the famous TV hostess.

In a statement on its official Sina Weibo account on Monday afternoon, Shouquanzhai, a Chinese ready-to-drink brand, said that "the national interest is above all [and we] resolutely supports the one-China principle." Effective immediately, Shouquanzhai would terminate all brand partnerships with Hsu.

In addition, domestic fashion brand JORYA revealed in a Weibo post on Monday that its partnership with the TV hostess' daughter Elly Hsu had expired.

French anti-dandruff shampoo Clear also disclosed on Monday that its ties with Hsu and her daughter had run their course.