Henan TV to stage cultural show for Chongyang Festival
China Daily

Dancer Luo Wenbo is featured on the poster for Henan TV's show 2022 Adventures on Chongyang Festival. (Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn)

As the traditional Chongyang or Double Ninth Festival will fall on Oct 4 this year, Henan Satellite TV is poised to entertain audiences with a cultural show titled Adventures on Chongyang Festival.

The show, the final chapter of the TV station's 2022 Chinese Festival series, continues as a web drama. Linked by the stories of three ancient Chinese literati Meng Jia, Tao Yuanming and Wang Bo, and told through the art forms of dance, opera and song, the show presents the culture of Chongyang Festival and people's affection for life and their country.

According to Lu Hongli, the chief director of the show, Chongyang Festival is also a harvest season which has multiple hues, so the show will bring audiences varied autumn colors through location shooting and technology.