Palace Museum to open more areas for exhibition
People's Daily Online

The Palace Museum will open more areas for exhibition and will add a foreign cultural relics hall, Shan Jixiang, director of the Palace Museum, said recently, China News reported on Sept. 20.


(File Photo: VCG)

Shan disclosed that foreign cultural relics will be exhibited at the Yanxi Palace, or the Hall of Prolonging Happiness, of the Palace Museum.

The furniture storage facility in the southwest section of the Forbidden City will also be revamped for furniture display in the future, according to Shan.

In addition, the museum will make efforts to allow more people all over the world to see the cultural relics in all their glory thanks to the internet and digital technologies.

For example, it will host more online exhibitions, enhance interactions with internet users on Sina Weibo and develop apps for users to learn about the relics, the director noted.

The Taihe Forum on Protecting the World’s Ancient Civilization was recently held in the museum, attracting lots of visitors who got a good look at many classic Chinese paintings which were displayed using technology, Shan said.

He added that the museum will work with other institutions to select 100 pieces of Chinese art and calligraphy works for exhibition using technological means.

The museum has put great efforts into the renovation of cultural relics and ancient buildings.

Each of the 1,200 buildings of the Palace Museum boast a unique history, Shan noted, adding that renovation of every one involves in-depth research, and specific reports of the renovation is also published.

Furthermore, the museum has built the Relic Hospital, which is equipped with advanced technology and employs 200 trade masters trained to restore cultural relics, Shan noted.