French crystal designs add glamour to Art Beijing
China Daily



The dynamics of the aquatic world have provided much inspiration to artists and designers, including those who work at the French design brand Lalique Art. They've created crystal decorations inspired by the movements of fish that also capture the smooth, mellow reflections of light.

A selection of these refined works of design is on display to enrich the experiences of visitors to this year's Art Beijing, running from April 30 to May 3. Some portray the violent beauty of fish fighting for their way in the expansive ocean, and others depict koi, fish symbolizing good fortune, majesty and longevity in Chinese culture.

The French brand has a special connection with China. In the 1930s, its founder and French designer Rene Lalique fashioned several decorations for the historic Peace Hotel, seated at Shanghai's Bund area, and opened a boutique in the hotel's lobby.

Lalique's booth at Art Beijing also shows a series of designs in collaboration with renowned artists, such as Damien Hirst and Arik Levy, as well as the Yves Klein Foundation.

Levy, the Israel-born artist and designer known for his sculptures, worked with the brand to launch a crystal collection to reinterpret his "Rock" series of works, using four colors to represent the different powers of nature.