New book sheds light on Xiongan national strategy
Global Times

(Photo: CITIC)

A book unfolding the inspiring future of Xiongan New Area and what it means to the changing world order will soon be released to the public, putting China's essential national strategy into the spotlight. 
The book, published by Citic, is called Millennium Xiongan: Disruptive Technologies / Emerging Industries / Future Capital and will explain how Xiongan will develop and influence the whole country from an unofficial perspective of a think tank for the first time. Innovative analysis of the area's technological advantages and industry development will be made with the connection of different historical contexts, delivering a big picture of the area in the long run. As a special economic zone, Xiongan's features will be further clarified through comparisons with Shenzhen and the US's Silicon Valley. 
Established in April 2017, the Xiongan New Area is located about 100 kilometers southwest of Beijing and serves as a development hub for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic triangle.
Citic told Global Times that the e-version of the book is already online and the paper book will be available in early April.