Romantic film "More than Blue" tops China's box office

BEIJING, March 20 (Xinhua) - Romantic film "More than Blue" directed by Gavin Lin was the highest grossing film on the Chinese mainland in the week ending March 17, China Film News has reported.


(File photo)

The film, which has raked in 330 million yuan (49.2 million US dollars) since hitting theaters on March 14, tells the story of a boy who suffers from terminal disease and tries to secure the happiness of his beloved after his death.

Marvel blockbuster "Captain Marvel" took second place by earning 288 million yuan last week, taking its total box office revenue to almost 900 million yuan, the highest in the top five.

Coming in third was the 2019 Academy Award winner for Best Picture "Green Book." Pocketing 110 million yuan last week, its box office revenue has reached 406 million yuan in total.

Next on the list was the Japanese animated film "My Hero Academia: Two Heroes." The manga adaptation has grossed 31.6 million yuan since hitting  theaters on March 15.

Rounding out of the top five was the Universal and Dreamworks animated fantasy "How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World," with box office earnings of 29 million yuan last week and a total box office of about 350 million yuan since its release on March 1.