Tech to warm your heart
Global Times

Producer and host Jiang Changjian is still very busy even though his tech show Innovate Tomorrow ended a week ago. 


Promotional material for Innovate Tomorrow (Photo: Courtesy of Wu Yijie)

"We are still working hard to prepare for the new season," Jiang told the Global Times on Thursday during a phone interview. 

"Additionally, we also want to introduce some innovation to every aspect of the tech show."

Debuting in January on Zhejiang TV, Innovate Tomorrow, which focuses on creative and life-changing inventions, captured the attention of the public with its interesting and warm-hearted stories. 

"We are trying to be a bridge that connects end users and high-tech that the general public may not understand but find useful in their daily lives," Jiang said. 

The show has been well-received, especially among younger viewers, despite not having any big name stars attached. 

"We've received positive reviews from young viewers even though the show is over. They want to discuss some of the inventions featured in the show," he added. 

"That's something that we hoped to do from the very beginning. Bring in positive values like how technology can make the weak become strong and the strong become more lovable. Working on high-tech can be very cool."  

Jiang also talked about motivating and inspiring young people and the importance of education. "A commonality among these inventors is that they like to learn and solve problems that they encounter," he explained. 

Each of the 33 stories featured in the first season left lasting impressions on Jiang. Surgery robots, 3D printing, seawater desalination… each of these impacts the lives of millions, while some other inventions can end up changing the life of just one person, such as the exoskeleton suit that allows 14-year old Xiaoyu, who suffers from cerebral palsy, to walk just like anyone else. 

"Narrowing the distance between the inventors behind these great projects and the public can spark people's imagination about life in the future," Jiang noted. 

"Acknowledgement from the public can inspire them to improve their inventions." 

Cover image: Jiang Changjian