Palestinian journalist paints to express optimism amid COVID-19

A painting by Khawla al-Khaldy. (Photo: Agencies) 

Khawla al-Khaldy, a journalist from Gaza city, spends long hours every day to draw paintings as she stays at home amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The 33-year-old Palestinian woman working at the Palestine TV said that home quarantine due to the COVID-19 restores her talent in drawing.

"I decided to restore my talent in drawing, which I have given up for more than ten years," the mother of four told Xinhua.

The young woman paints the nature, especially the sunset when the sunlight reflects on the sea.

"Watching that view is like listening to heavy music, so I try to transfer my feeling by painting on the white paper," she said, adding that "every art piece can send positive energy to other people, and this is my goal."

"It is normal to feel anxiety and fear about the current situation, but I decide to be a positive person and convey my positive thoughts through paintings to others, especially the women who are suffering," said Khawla.

A painting by Khawla al-Khaldy.

By sharing her paintings via her account on Facebook, Khawla has received positive feedback. "It is a wonderful feeling to hear encouragement comments," she said, noting she is improving her drawing skills by taking advice from professional painters.

In addition, she presented some of her paintings to her friends, colleagues, and relatives. "I believe that every person can transform the quarantine period to beautiful and useful times," she said.

"Sooner or later, this harsh time will end and we will restore our normal time once again," Khawla said, adding that "then I may organize an art exhibition to show all my paintings to tell the others how we undergo quarantine in Gaza."

Palestine has so far has recorded 375 in the Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip, while 66 have recovered and two died.