Battle Cold Dew season with this Chinese pastry


A farmer picks hawthorns in Rizhao, Shangdong Province, on October 22, 2017. (Photo: VCG)

Cold Dew season gets its name from the dew which is about to become frost as the weather begins to get chilly.

Cold Dew, the 17th of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunisolar calendar, starts on October 8 and ends on October 22 this year. 

Compared with Autumn Equinox, the temperature across the country during Cold Dew significantly drops and, during this period, most parts of northern China welcome autumn.

The 24 solar terms, which indicate both the moon phrase and the time of solar year, helped ancient Chinese farmers track the change in climate and correctly arrange their farming work. During Cold Dew, it is harvest time.

There is a farmers' saying: "In Cold Dew, hawthorns are picked". The sweet and sour fruit is ripe at the time in central and northern areas of China. 

Chinese love hawthorn. It can be eaten raw, dried out, made into fruitcake and used as medicine. It is also widely known for its ability to boost appetite, allowing you to eat more and put on weight, which is handy for resisting the upcoming winter cold. 

The scent of osmanthus flowers can be smelled on the streets of China's south. To keep that delightful scent, the Chinese dry osmanthus flowers and use them to dress food, make teas and wines and even squeeze oil from them for cosmetics. 

This lovely and versatile flower also benefits those who have a cold, because it, as a medicine, can prevent phlegm from forming and stop coughing.

Beneath the soil, Chinese yams are ready. Both a food and a form of traditional Chinese medicine, it can nourish the stomach and lungs, increase saliva production, build immunity and prolong life if regularly eaten.

During autumn, there is less water vapor in the air and the temperatures vary widely from day to night. Our sweat evaporates quickly causing our skin and mouth feel dry, and we easily get a cold. 

Is there any food to keep us humid and make our body strong enough to withstand the dry and cold weather? Chinese cuisine provides an answer.  

Chinese yam pastries made with hawthorn jam and osmanthus flowers, blend the flowery scent and sweet and sour taste to create am irresistible aroma, and its Chinese-style pattern is perfect for Instagram photos.

The vegetarian snack is suitable any time of the day and provides a natural way to improve your health.