Chinese tenors perform at Labor Day gala, celebrate Chinese youth
China Daily

Hong Zhiguang. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Hong Zhiguang, Shi Yijie, Wang Kai and Cai Chengyu are four Chinese tenors who performed during the CCTV's Labor Day gala on May 1, honoring ordinary and hardworking people.

They performed a song titled China Is Youth, which is dedicated to young Chinese people — the vital force and the future of the country.

The four tenors have gained a large fan base in the country, especially among young Chinese music lovers. For example, 33-year-old Hong, who graduated from the China Conservatory of Music and the Yale School of Music, rose to fame after appearing on a popular reality TV show, Super Vocal, in 2018 and later performed in Chinese operas, such as Marco Poloin 2020.

The song also marks China's Youth Day, which falls on May 4 every year, and the 100th anniversary of the founding of Communist Youth League of China.