From 400,000 Chinese stories, which one would you pick? In this contest, it's your choice!
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Express your love through a lens, present China with images.

The "@China" global short video contest collected works from home and abroad for two months.

Netizens from all over the world actively participated.

Contributors from five continents, and more than 60 countries and regions entered more than 430,000 works.

People of different nationalities, different languages, and different colors, from all over the world, told their Chinese stories with cameras.

Now, we have narrowed down the huge number of works, choosing 300 short films to put in front of you.

Let’s choose the most touching "@China" story!

In the video entitled Becoming Inner Mongolia’s Archery Champion

by learning archery,

the Englishman Stuart Jianguo marveled at the power of masculinity and experienced the profound Chinese culture.


The gourmet Li Ziqi through the video named The Ink

shows us her handmade four tools of calligraphy,

recalling the process of a beautiful writing career in China.


In the video named The story of a Korean student in China,

Jeong Hyo Jeong tells the story of her close relationship with Chinese culture,witnessing the great changes in China's development.


A Foreigner in Fangjiahutong,

it tells the story of an American who keeps looking for creative direction and discovers himself in the alleys of Beijing.


In the video named Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law,

a daughter-in-law from Sweden

describes how she gets along with her Chinese mother-in-law,

using love and understanding to resolve the traditional Chinese conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.


Lin Ruoling, an Egyptian student who has been living in China for a year,explores how mobile phones have changed life in China,

sharing a unique perspective in the film China In My Eyes.  


Dura, a young man from Bangladesh,

shows his "martial arts dream" and tells his "martial arts experience" in the film Kung Fu Boys In China.


           In the video named In Search of Minorities’ Food: Traditional Chinese Cakes and Pastries,

Guangdong Chaoshan sugar onion, Fujian Fu’an bagel, Zhejiang crispy cookie...

special foods from all over China challenge your taste buds and melt on the tip of your tongue.


The "@China" global short video contest entries collection period has ended.

From now until September 5, 2019,

High-quality shortlisted works can be voted for on the People's Daily English Language App or the People's Daily App voting page.

The result will be determined by professional judges and online voting.

Vote for your favorite entries!

Choose your favorite story that best represents "@China".

We look forward to your visit!

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