Lots of new lunchboxes to kick off the new school year


This 2019 photo shows a collection of new lunchboxes in New York. (Photo: AP)

A new lunchbox is one of the more fun back-to-school purchases you can make, and a cool one can be a bright spot in your kid’s day.

These days, there are loads of choices, some simple, some with lots of bells and whistles.

“There are so many more options for insulation than there were even a few years ago, which means parents have a lot more possibilities for what they can pack,” says Cori Snyder Schuman, founder of the Family Food Fest event. “Since my daughter doesn’t eat sandwiches, and prefers hot food, this has made my life much easier.”

Lisa Freedman, lifestyle director at thekitchn.com, says lunchboxes “have so many smart features these days — like walls packed with gel that stays cool for hours, special compartments that are truly leakproof, expandable sections and more.”

From bags to boxes, from high tech to organic fabric, you and your kid will have fun exploring the options.