Ski-jumping platform for Beijing 2022 to finish construction at year end
China Plus


The ski-jumping platform for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics is under construction, at the high-end industry comprehensive service area of new Shougang Group, at Shijingshan District, on July 24, 2019. (Photo: IC)

The main truss of ski-jumping platform for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has been joined together recently.

The main structure construction and equipment installation will be completed to meet the test events' requirement by the end of this year, which was confirmed on Tuesday.

The ski-jumping platform project is located in the high-end industry comprehensive service area of new Shougang Group.

The main structure of the Ski-Jumping Platform is 164 meters long. The widest part of the track is 34 meters and the highest point is 60 meters.

The construction of the project includes venue, snow track, snow water supply, outdoor and other projects construction, with a land area of 13.5 hectares.

Peng Yang, deputy director of industrial development of Beijing Shougang Construction Investment Co., Ltd., introduced that the project creatively integrated the elements of "Flying Apsaras" in Dunhuang frescoes by making use of the topographic difference between the project and Qunming Lake.

"The curve of the center of the ski-jumping platform fits well with that of the ribbon in the frescoes of Flying Apsaras, which makes the building beautiful and smooth," Peng said.

In addition, the design of the platform track takes into account the requirements of winter formal competition and some extreme sports in summer. It belongs to the facilities of winter and summer, and is suitable for rope-slipping, grass-skiing and other events.

The stadium itself will also form a sports leisure park with its surrounding facilities, which will be open to the public after the Games.