Pigeon pair panda cubs in China's Chongqing given names
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The pigeon pair panda cubs in Southwest China's Chongqing were named Yu Ke and Yu Ai on Wednesday after Internet voting.

(Photo: Chinanews.com)

The older brother was named Yu Ke while the younger sister was named Yu Ai. Yu is the official abbreviation of Chongqing. Ke and Ai means “cute” when they combine as the Chinese word keai.

The pair were birthed by Er Shun on July 22, 2022, after returning from Canada in 2020. The older one weighed 132 grams and the younger weighed 91 grams at birth. They were raised in the Chongqing Zoo.

(Photo: Chinanews.com)

(Compiled by Liang Jiayuan)